4 Podcasts to Save You From Road Rage


Since moving to Portland, I’ve learned what traffic really is. In Cleveland, if a red light was slightly longer than average, if the potholes caused cars to slow down, we called that “traffic”. It wasn’t until my 7 mile drive from work to home turned into an hour and a half of anxiety and frustration did I realize how miserable “traffic” can really be.

Now, 6 months wiser, the traffic problem in Portland hasn’t gotten any better but my strategy for getting through it has. OK, it’s not earth shattering, it’s snacks and podcasts. Maybe I’ll do a whole post on car snacks but today I want to hit you with my 4 favorite podcasts for getting through traffic:

2 Dope Queens

2 Dope Queens is hosted by Jessica Williams of The Daily Show and Phoebe Robinson of Broad City, covering everything from relationships to pop culture to what-the-fuck-ever they want. It’s conversational and you feel like you have two dope babes sitting in your car with you talking about losing their virginity and not like you’re sitting in 98 degree weather going 3 miles an hour down I-5. Also, one of the hosts, Phoebe is from “the cle” and every once in awhile she’ll make a reference to our shared hometown and I’ll let out a “HAAAYYYY!” mostly to entertain myself and sometimes drawing strange looks from the car next to me.


If you’ve done any research into A++ podcasts, you’ve probably heard of Lore. It’s a bi-weekly podcast that delves into well, lore. Aaron Mahnke’s writing is exceptional, which isn’t surprising considering he’s an award winning author. I started listening to Lore on my road trip cross country and, lemme just say, listening to stories about werewolves and devils that live in the hills and forests while you’re driving through hills and forests - in the middle of the night- is terrifying.

Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends is another story telling podcast similar to Lore although this one focus more on fairy tales and mythos- that you probably recognize in theory but these are versions you probably weren’t read as a child. Jason Weiser also uploads every week which to me is a huge bonus!

You Must Remember This

You Must Remember This, narrated and produced by Karina Longworth dives into the backstories and origins of famous Hollywood characters and stars. These stories are incredibly well researched and offer a perspective on old Hollywood glamour you probably won’t get anywhere else. She’s also uploaded hundreds of podcasts so you won’t run out of listening material any time soon.

Podcasts not your thing? Check out the BJB playlist and rock out!

What are you guys listening to?