Best Thrift Stores in Portland, Oregon

When I moved to Portland I was unemployed and had sold all of my furniture before I got out here so I 1) needed to put something in my house and 2) needed it cheap. Luckily, Portland is like a mecca for second hand stuff and I found some major steals. Here are some of my favorite shops in Portland and what you can find there:

Lounge Lizard


I love lounge Lizard! They have two buildings on Hawthorne so when you go, make sure to check out both. They sell handmade upcycled clocks and lighting fixtures as well as original vintage furniture. Their salvaged furniture have been cleaned up and retouched with tons of funky colors and they're best known for their recycled lamps pictured above. Go to check out their lighting selections, leave with a coffee table and a night stand.

Red Light Clothing Exchange

590 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

Red Light is a long rectangular red painted building, also on Hawthorne. Your one stop shop for a drug rug, clear thigh high go-go boots and black vintage pencil skirt. They also have a huge stockpile of vintage t-shirts. Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for some old t-shirts. If you’re a metalhead, drag queen or vintage clothing hoarder, this one’s for you. If you have time, visit House of Vintage across the street. Even if you don’t find anything in there, you will at the very least lose yourself in their maze of rooms and towers of old denim.

Goodwill SE Mill

1943 SE 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

All the Goodwills in Portland are incredible impressive and have the cheapest prices of any store mentioned so far. Check to see which color tag is on sale that day for an extra 50% off!

The Goodwill on SE Mill however, is my favorite of them all. While a lot of Goodwill shops will throw whatever on their shelves, this one seems to curate their selection a bit more (or maybe they just get the best stuff, who knows?) This place is especially good for homegoods, don’t miss their silverware section for intricate spoon and real silver platters. They also always have brand new stuff from Target like lamps, lampshades and sometimes even furniture, still new and in the box. I assume this is stuff that Target has deemed “defective” but I’ve bought a lot of it and never had an issue!

thrifted dining room


Ah Craigslist, my favorite unsung hero. I could write an entire book about how my entire life has been possible thanks to Craigslist- jobs, internships, apartments, furniture - you name it, I’ve found it on Craigslist. But I want to focus specifically on Craigslist’s Free section. I found my entire dining set- a table and 4 wrought iron chairs with mustard yellow upholstery- all for free! I’ve also found plants, cookware and, almost, talked myself into adopting a goat.

 Every city’s Craigslist has a free section but I’ve found Portland’s to be the most impressive, I attribute it to a lot of older homes getting cleared out for renovations, lots of people moving around or, maybe, Portlanders are just more generous and less detached from their things. Whichever it is, I’m in love with my obnoxiously yellow (free) dining room!

best thrift stores in portland