Eating My Way Through... Portland, Or: Franks-a-Lot

Franks-A-Lot, 2845 E Burnside St,  Portland, OR 

I was supposed to go camping in Washington last weekend but my boyfriend got a nasty sinus infection and we ended up staying close to home. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'll never see the Shins live. It’s fine, they’re like unicorns, they’re always going to be popular and I’ll never see them irl only through other people’s instagram posts.


Our @shakykneesfest set list found a good home w @rebecca._davis 👍See you tonight Richmond!

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Mitch (aforementioned bf) felt bad about getting sick (obviously his fault and an intentional choice) so we decided to explore a little bit once he was feeling better. We saw Logan at the Laurelhurst Theatre and wandered around the East Burnside area for awhile.

Logan was great by the way. I’m so here for superhero movies with spanish speaking, ass kicking 12-year-old female leads.

Everything was closed or a bar, not really the vibe we were looking for. We begrudgingly decided to go to Whole Foods when we realized there was a VEGAN HOT DOG STAND IN THE PARKING LOT. PORTLANDIA IS REAL, YOU GUYS.


There’s this Dr. Who story about a South Going Zaxs who runs into a North Going Zaxs. They cross paths but both are so stubborn and committed to not changing their ways that they just stand there, staring at eachother while the world builds up around them. I’m sure this story is supposed to teach children about compromise and probably more applicable to the current political climate but whenever I see an old building sticking out like a sore thumb, like an A-Frame cottage housing a hot dog hut in a Whole Foods parking lot, I think of this story.

Franks-A-Lot is like the South Going Zaxs-- good as what they’re doing and not going to budge for nobody!

And they are like, really good at what they’re doing. There were THREE different vegan hot dog options, tons of toppings, french fries, onion rings- you name it (There are also a lot of options for you non-vegans). We waited maybe 5 minutes for all of our food and it only cost $14!


I got the regular dog which was tbh, just OK. Hot dogs are kind of weird to begin with and it was really soft on the inside. Mitch got the Kielbasa and it was sooo good. 10/10 would recommend if you’re in the East Burnside area in Portland!

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