Sweet Summer Music: Coming Out In June

Two new favorites - Samia Finnerty and Big Thief

Leaving work yesterday, I saw that Spotify had created a 2014 Throwback Summer playlist. The summer of 2014 was… not the greatest summer of my life but, I was touched by the sentiment and actually loved the randomness and memories the songs brought back. From Led Zeppelin to Kanye West, and a lot of AJJ, it was almost like I was riding my bike along Lake Erie to the old coast guard station and not sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on I-5.

This got me pumped to see what new music was coming out this summer. What songs are going to be on my 2017 Throwback Summer Playlist in 2020? That is, assuming women still have the right to listen to music and that I haven’t been crushed to death in an earthquake (Handmaiden’s Tale has me hella paranoid).

Samia Finnerty

I had to rewrite this when I realized that Samia Finnerty is releasing TWO singles in June.

(The Bleacher’s new album 'Now Gone' will be released June 2).


Right now, stop reading this and go listen to her first single, Someone Tell the Boys. It’s weird and personal and very Generation Z. It feels like the cool girl I wanted to be in high school, reading a teen vogue by the pool, owning the innocence and vulgarity of being a teenage girl. Her vocal range is impressive and you’ll hear the entirety of it within the first verse through her crooning vocals. 

Her interview with Galore magazine almost feels like stepping into a time machine and talking to the cooler version of 17 year-old me. Though the title of the interview refers to her as a “Punk Rock Princess”, Someone Tell the Boys is very much a pop song - a far cry from the bubblegum pop I grew up with- but pop nonetheless.

I feel like I’m letting you guys in on a secret because she seems relatively unknown, she’s not even verified on twitter (a bar of success I've already used 2x on this blog already but is in reality completely arbitrary...).

Big Thief - Capacity, June 9

Big Thief’s debut album 'Masterpiece' came out last year, not exactly re-inventing the folk rock genre but rather picked up where it left off - without a hint of arrogance I usually associate with this genre. Singer-songwriter and frontwoman Adrianne Lenker’s lyrics paint familiar scenes of personal relationships in an easy to listen to and unique way. If you aren’t immediately charmed by their talent and familiar tunes, watch their video for Masterpiece and then come talk to me.


I’ve always like the folk rock genre because, even if I’ve never heard the band before, the songs feel familiar, like a comfort blanket. Mythological Beauty, the band’s first single off of 'Capacity' feels like a comfort blanket - but an old wool one. Soft, but a little prickly and smells like someone else.

Lenker's lyrics resonate with memories from her childhood relationship with her mother in a way one can only do as an adult. It touches on themes like sacrifice and realizing parent’s don't know what they’re doing either.  

When my dad was my age, he had a newborn baby (me) and a 7 year-old step son (he also owned a bar and had a pony tail). Looking back, I can’t really fault my mom and dad for any questionable parenting decisions they made. I can barely remember to buy dog food most of the time, I can’t imagine taking care of BABIES.

An adorable Roddy family portrait. I am the toothless one -- bottom right. 

An adorable Roddy family portrait. I am the toothless one -- bottom right. 

This song is a good reminder that parents are just people too and I’m sure there’s going to be at least song off of 'Capacity' that makes me cry. I’m always down for a good summer sob fest.

Next month I’ll tell you about some sweet tunes coming out in July! If you're looking for some more tunes, check out the BJB playlist.