May Thrifting Haul: Math Counts

The thrift stores in Portland are insane, I don't know why anyone would have to buy something new in this city. I’ve furnished pretty much my entire apartment with thrifted furniture (and an entire dining set from the free section on Craigslist)-- not to mention 90% of my wardrobe.

Next week, I’m starting a series about how to thrift with tips for getting the most out of your trips. For now, here are some of my favorite scores from this past month:

MATH COUNTS, Red Light Vintage, Hawthorne blvd, Portland, Or

I wore this shirt home on my last trip to Cleveland and got a lot of shit from my family, I’m not good at math, but this shirt is hilarious and super comfortable. Old t-shirts are the best! This is a large (?) men’s shirt, probably from the 80’s. with boxy shoulders and loose fitting through the middle. The best part is that the ink isn’t some crazy thick plastisol -- It has that water based ink look without completely fading away in a few washes. -$8


Levi Comfort Fit Cut Offs, Artifact Creative Recycle, SE Division, Portland, OR

I've been in search of a good pair of cutoffs for awhile. It's hard to find cut offs that don't show my butt cheeks (big booty problems) but aren't so long that they make my (already short) legs look stubby. I think these shorts fit that pretty tall bill- as much as any $14 shorts can. They're also distressed but not so torn up I look like I walked out of an Ed Hardy ad. Score! - $14

Dr. Martens Floral 1461, Crossroads, Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR

I have a thing for Doc's. I have a lot of them and I was sooo pumped to find these in near perfect condition for FORTY DOLLARS at Cross Roads (they retail for $125!!). We don't have Crossroads in Cleveland and they have such an insane selection at a crazy low mark down. Today I saw a ZARA skirt from their Fall 2016 collection, new with tags, originally $60 for $14. These shoes are awesome, a little silly but good summer shoes for when I don't feel like being barefoot. - $40

Freeway, Jane Hilton, 1988 - Artifact: Creative Recycle, SE Division, Portland, OR

I've been avoiding buying art and stuff for my home because I'm moving in a few weeks but this photo was so cool and FIFTEEN DOLLARS WITH THE FRAME I decided I could move one more thing. Artifact is my new favorite second hand store in Portland, their selection is awesome and they have ton's of sizes which is something that a lot of thrift stores seem to lack.

This is a print of Freeway by photographer, Jane Hilton and I fucking love it. Her photography focuses on Americana and reminds me of all of the weird little towns I saw on our cross country roadtrip from Ohio to Oregon. It also reminds me of denim ads from the 90s and as you may have guessed by now (and by the name of this blog) I'm really into denim. The sunflowers are from Trader Joe's ($4). - $15


I go thrifting at least every weekend so expect more of these in the future!