Eating My Way Through… Portland, OR: Potato Champion

One of my favorite things about traveling is eating. Even though I live in Portland, I'm still exploring and learning about it. So, here is my first installment of Eating though...

I saw a lot of awesome live bands last weekend and I was going to write about them. But, then I had spicy, vegan, poutine- pb&j fries and changed my mind.

I first stopped eating meat when I was 12 and I lived primarily off of peanut butter and jelly and potatoes - Jiffy Crunchy Peanut Butter, Smucker's strawberry Jelly and white wonder bread and potatoes of any form. (Sometimes we got the super sweet, creamy Peter Pan Peanut butter but that was only if my dad went grocery shopping.)

This was my diet for at least my first year as a vegetarian and I burnt out on PB&J hard, I could barely look at one without wincing.

BUT TODAY IS A NEW DAY. I had PB&J French Fries and my life is better now.

I was pretty drunk so the photos I took are a little weird but, TBH, so is putting spicy,  satay sauce and a smokey chipotle raspberry jam on fries so who gives a hoot? It was all part of the experience.


We got there around 1 am (they stop serving alcohol at 11 pm, FYI) and the party was still hoppin’ for a Sunday.

Located at Hawthorne and SE12th, Potato Champion sits in the right on the corner of the food cart pavilion. Surrounded by flower canopies and fire pits, I couldn’t help but think, “if there’s a heaven, I hope that’s what it looks like.” They had tons of options - including Vegan Poutine - but something about piling peanut butter, raspberry jelly and fries on top of the 5 shots of whiskey already in my stomach sounded like the best option.


Bonus, I wasn’t hung over the next day - very tired - but full and happy.