Bridget (finally) Got a Blog

“Oh, you’re a writer? What's your blog called?”

OK, OK, OK I get it. I should have done this earlier but I finally have a blog. Get off my back, mom!

I’ve been writing for a really long time. In grade school, I entered a writing competition because my crush was doing it, then I won and they stopped talking to me. Such launched my career as a star crossed, heartbroken author of essays and bad poetry. In high school, the White House published my letter to the president in a book of essays and I amassed graveyards full of angsty song lyrics. Later I won a few scholarships I used to chip away at college debt.

These days I spend a lot of time getting paid to write things for other people (ahem, note I said “spend a lot of time” not “get paid a lot of money”) and, I don’t think the White House reads any of it. Do you think Trump is interested in learning how to prep files for Dye-Sublimation printing? What about tiramisu recipes?

And now I have a dedicated space to share things that I write just ‘cuz I wanna. I have thoughts, I muse, I’ve been known to dabble in creative sentence structure - and you can find all of that here!

I plan on first finishing the mountain of half baked drafts piled up in my Google drive, most of which are me angrily rambling about how we could be using Instagram so much more efficiently and why potatoes are the lifeblood of our civilization. I have more than one draft about Britney Spears.

My plan is to post once a week but, you know the saying, “Our plans are the jokes lizard people tell each other while they’re busy covering up government conspiracies.” What I’m trying to say is, don’t hold me to anything but stay tuned.